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Singles dad’s club 2 : The Mayor and the Mystery Man d’A.J Truman

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Quatrième de couverture :

To win this election, I should be trying to kiss babies, not my best friend! 

My chances of reelection have gone from slam dunk to nose dive.

What happened? A former hookup sold me out to the press, complete with screenshots. In my defense, between being mayor and parenting twins (double the puberty!), I have zero room for relationships that go beyond one night.

My campaign manager says I need to change the narrative, aka get a boyfriend ASAP to make me seem more (ugh) likeable. The only person I trust with this ruse is my charming best friend Dusty.

Despite living 3,000 miles apart, thanks to endless text chains and 2 a.m. phone calls, we’ve been the constant in each other’s lives, navigating through single dad fails (me) and breakups with cruel ex-girlfriends (all him).

Each day we spend as fake boyfriends feels more real, which is odd because Dusty is straight.

And yet our playful banter is shifting from friendly to flirty.

And he doesn’t stop holding my hand when the crowds leave.

And was he always this attractive?

With reporters sniffing for the truth, exploring these feelings could mean the implosion of my political career and our friendship.

The Mayor and the Mystery Man is book 2 in the Single Dads Club series, but can be read as a standalone. Join Leo and Dusty as they stumble toward their happily ever after!

L’avis d’Eric :

The first volume was pleasant but not out of the ordinary. But I’m weak, the pitch of the second was very tempting with this theme of friends to lovers.

So it was a nice surprise. We always find the single parent theme. The two protagonists are best friends and slowly but surely their friendship evolves towards something else.
Initially, fake love feelings will turn out to be more real than life.

The psychology of the characters is good. And the fact that it gently clicks into place is great. We feel that things are set up for sustainability.

I liked the treatment of the author, I would even say that it is better than the first volume. I also liked the political aspect with the lack of privacy.

As always, we will have sexy moments, very well exploited.

I do not regret my reading, moreover since it is improving, I tell myself that the third volume will be exceptional ☺️

Le premier tome avait été plaisant mais sans sortir de l’ordinaire. Mais je suis faible, le pitch du second était très tentant avec ce thème de friends to lovers.

Alors cela a été une belle surprise. On retrouve toujours le thème de parent célibataire. Les deux protagonistes sont meilleurs amis et doucement mais sûrement leur amitié évolue vers autre chose.

Au départ des sentiments amoureux fakes se révéleront plus vrais que nature.

La psychologie des personnages est bien amenée. Et le fait que cela se mette doucement en place est super. On sent qu’ainsi les choses sont posées pour la durabilité.

J’ai aimé le traitement de l’auteure, je dirais même que c’est meilleur que le premier tome. J’ai aussi aimé l’aspect politique avec le manque de vie privée.

Comme toujours, nous aurons des moments sexy, très bien exploités.

Je ne regrette pas ma lecture, d’ailleurs vu que cela va en s’améliorant, je me dis que le troisième tome sera exceptionnel ☺️

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