Chroniques, M/M - Boy's Love - Romance Gay, Romance Contemporaine

A different kind of chemistry by Ashlynn Mills

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Quatrième de couverture :

Casey’s social life is much like his love life, non existant. He is constantly playing it safe and it is no longer working for him. After another date gone wrong, he finds himself stepping in a world completely foreign to him when walking into a small bar trying to drink his rejection away. Never did he think he would find something in that bar that would change his world forever, but his mind never stops thinking about that sexy tattooed stranger with the mesmerizing eyes. He tries to forget his heated moment with the stranger he will never see again, but Maverick keeps appearing in more places than just his dreams.

Maverick has rules for a reason and has been doing so well sticking with them until a nerdy science geek has him questioning everything. Maverick won’t be the reason for destroying another person and everytime he looks at Casey, he is reminded more and more of his haunting past. This can only end in disaster because people like Maverick were never meant to fall in love with people like Casey, but like a moth to a flame, the adorable red head has him always coming back for more.

when two worlds collide , will they be able to let go of their past insecurities and fall into the unknown, or will Maverick continue to let his past hold him back from the one thing he wants the most.

L’avis d’Eric :

Ce livre m’a un peu dérouté car j’avais l’impression de lire un roman New Adult, les personnages se sentant vraiment plus jeunes que leur véritable âge.

Le personnage de Maverick est assez torturé, il a un passé difficile avec ses relations amoureuses. Par contre la manière dont il agit avec Casey m’a fait tiquer car Casey ne mérite vraiment pas cela.

Leur relation ne semble pas très crédibles car l’auteur n’a pas su insuffler du concret dans son récit, cela semble parfois sans âme.

j’ai eu du mal à entrer dans cette romance et à part deux ou trois passages, elle m’a laissé de glace. Je ne dois pas être le bon public pour celle ci

Je ne saurais donc pas trop en parler ni en bien ni en mal car je n’ai pas éprouvé grand chose, le style de l’auteure étant trop immature.

In English :

This book baffled me a little because I felt like I was reading a New Adult novel, the characters really feeling younger than their true age.

The character of Maverick is quite tortured, he has a difficult past with his romantic relationships. However the way he acts with Casey made me tick because Casey really doesn’t deserve that.

Their relationship does not seem very credible because the author did not know how to breathe concrete into his story, it sometimes seems soulless.

I had a hard time getting into this romance and apart from two or three passages, it left me frozen. I don’t have to be the right audience for this one

So I can’t speak too much about it, either for good or for bad, because I haven’t experienced much, the author’s style being too immature.

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