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Red’s Tavern 1 : The Best Friend by Raleigh Ruebins

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Quatrième de couverture :

My best friend’s a former quarterback, and I’m a nerdy math teacher. 
My only secret? He has no idea how badly I want him.

Back in high school, Mitch protected me from bullies and was at my side through tragedy. It didn’t matter that he was a football star and I was a mathlete, or that I was gay and he was straight. We stuck together like glue–until he married a girl and ran away.

Now Mitch is back home, as a divorced single dad. His son is in my math class, and I collide with Mitch everywhere in this small town. When he starts bartending at the only local gay bar, I’m screwed. Red’s Tavern is my haven, but how can I fake it for other guys when I’m in love with the big jock behind the bar?

Then Mitch invites me into his bed, just as a fun “experiment.” 

But I’ve done the math. I know I want him. And now that he’s given me a taste, I can’t stop begging for more.

L’Avis d’Eric :

J’ai beaucoup aimé le personnage d’Evan, il est à croquer. Mitch quant à lui m’a moins touché.

La dualité entre ces deux personnages que tout normalement oppose a été un réel plaisir à lire. L’auteure a vraiment effectué un travail formidable sur leurs caractères respectifs. Il y a une réelle dose de réalité dans ce récit, tout nous paraît si concret.

J’ai beaucoup aimé les personnages secondaires, sincèrement je lirais avec plaisir la suite tellement l’univers m’a plu.

Cette histoire est remplie d’amour avec une touche de drama de manière à la rendre plus consistante.

C’est le premier livre que je lis de cette auteure et j’en lirais d’autres avec grand plaisir.

In English

I really liked the character of Evan, he is chewable. Mitch touched me less.

The duality between these two characters that everything normally opposes was a real pleasure to read. The author has really done a great job on their respective characters. There is a real dose of reality in this story, everything seems so concrete to us.

I liked the secondary characters very much, sincerely I would read with pleasure the continuation so much the universe pleased me.

This story is filled with love with a touch of drama to make it more consistent.

It is the first book I read of this author and I would read others with great pleasure.

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