Beyond desire 1 : Give me a hand by Gwen Martin

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Quatrième de couverture :


Cam and Jude had been college roommates for two years, fitting into each other’s lives with ease.

That is, until Cam walked in on Jude getting off alone in their shared dorm bathroom.

Everything shifted between the two of them, awakening feelings Cam hadn’t felt for anyone in a long time. Feelings Cam believed had shriveled up after surviving a near fatal car accident to then suffer a disastrous breakup with his first love.

Since then, Cam kept his heart sealed tight in a fortress, keeping himself busy with a lot of mindless hookups and a steadfast refusal to ever commit.

Cam’s life had been predictable. He knew what he wanted.

Until that impromptu mutual orgasm with Jude.

Cam didn’t want a boyfriend, and he certainly didn’t *need* a relationship.

But he knew one thing he did crave and that was more of Jude McAlister.

Will Cam be able to work through his painful past if Jude offered him a chance at more?

L’avis d’Eric :

Il s’agit ici d’une histoire d’amis à amants, dans le genre new adult.

Les personnages sont assez jeunes et de ce fait leurs sentiments ne sont pas vraiment poussés à l’extrême.

Nous n’avons que le point de vue de Cam et il aurait été bien pour la compréhension de Jude d’avoir son point de vue, j’ai trouvé que cela manquait au récit.

L’évolution de leur relation arrive assez rapidement et d’un point de vue physique en tout premier lieu. Cependant, Cam possède des blessures secrètes qui donnent du piment au récit. J’ai trouvé cela bien tourné.

J’ai lu ce livre avec beaucoup de facilité. La plume de l’auteure est fluide.

Il s’agit ici d’un premier roman et d’un premier tome et je dois avouer que je suis curieux de connaître la suite. L’auteure m’a donné envie de la lire et je dirais que c’est un pari réussi.

In English

This is a story about friends to lovers, in the new adult genre.

The characters are quite young and therefore their feelings are not really taken to the extreme.

We only have Cam’s point of view and it would have been good for Jude’s understanding to have his point of view, I found that it was missing from the story.

The evolution of their relationship happens quite quickly and from a physical point of view in the first place. However, Cam has secret wounds that spice up the story. I found it well done.

I read this book very easily. The author’s pen is fluid.

This is a first novel and a first volume and I must admit that I am curious to know the rest. The author made me want to read it and I would say it was a successful bet.

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