Dark, Général, M/M - Boy's Love - Romance Gay, Romance Paranormale

Savage Heat 1 : Spark de Sammy Reynolds

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Quatrième de couverture :

“You’re mine, whether you know it or not.”

Jasper has too many scars to count and even more secrets to bury. His only saving grace is his violent line of work, where broken men like him can thrive. As a mailman for the Road Devils Club, his job is to deliver illicit goods and tear apart anyone who gets in the way. The relentless schedule is almost enough to distract him from his inner demons. Almost.

But then Maxwell shows up, a captivating wrench thrown into the carefully arranged gears of Jasper’s life. Maxwell is everything Jasper isn’t: sunshiny, clueless, spirited. Not to mention he seems free of the forbidden inclination that plagues Jasper.

The close proximity of their work is suffocating, yet electric. Their days are spent together on the road, their nights in motel rooms, sometimes with only one bed to spare. And the life and death battles in between only serve to bring them closer.

After they share a devastating loss, the comfort they find in each other changes everything. But if they give in to their desires, they would be risking more than ever before.

Is there a way out of this life? Or will they have to hide their spark forever?

Spark is a dark M/M romance set in an alternate timeline where shifters exist, but are an oppressed minority. Prepare yourself for the full gamut of emotions on this twisted road trip, along with sparks that ignite in knotty steam. Each book is a standalone HEA romance, though previous characters appear in later entries as the found family grows.

L’avis d’Eric :

Je ne connaissais pas l’auteur et c’est une belle découverte.

Ici il y a un mélange entre un univers MC et shifters. Cet omegaverse est assez réussi. Dans cet univers l’homosexualité est une déviance. C’est assez violent d’ailleurs donc faites bien attention aux triggers.

Jasper est un personnage qui met du temps à s’accepter. Il sait depuis longtemps qu’il est un déviant. Il y a dès le début une étincelle entre lui et Maxwell mais il va la combattre car pour lui il est inconcevable de se donner une chance.

Cette période est un peu longue, cependant quand il accepte enfin ses sentiments, leur relation s’épanouit dans le secret.

Maxwell par sa douceur va réussir à convaincre Jasper de leur donner une chance.

Quant au background, je l’ai trouvé bien exploité même s’il reste des parts d’ombres. Je lirais la suite.

En résumé, une lecture qui change, un univers dur mais attrayant.

English review

I did not know the author and it is a great discovery.

Here there is a mix between an MC universe and shifters. This omegaverse is quite successful. In this universe homosexuality is a deviance. It’s quite violent, so pay close attention to the triggers.

Jasper is a character who takes time to accept himself. He has known for a long time that he is a deviant. From the beginning there is a spark between him and Maxwell but he will fight it because for him it is inconceivable to give himself a chance.

This period is a bit long, however when he finally accepts her feelings, their relationship blossoms in secrecy.

Maxwell by his gentleness will succeed in convincing Jasper to give them a chance.

As for the background, I found it well exploited even if there are still some shadows. I would read the sequel.

In summary, a reading that changes, a harsh but attractive universe.

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