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The Falcon and the Foe

Quatrième de couverture :

Two single dads. One huge grudge. And one tiny tent.

It’s hard enough balancing two jobs with raising my son solo. Forget dating. I barely have time for laundry.

But when my son’s scouting troop The Falcons needed a co-scout leader, I couldn’t say no. There’s just one ginormous problem: the other scout leader Russ.

To all other parents, he’s #DadGoals, Mr. Sexy Widower who lords over the drop off line.

To me? He’s the bane of my picket-fenced existence – stuck up, anal (not in the fun way), and definitely the person who got me booted from the Parent Teacher Association. I can’t let him wrest control of The Falcons and have history repeat itself – no matter how hot he looks in his khaki uniform.

Thing is, the more we work together, the more I glimpse the caring man lurking under the cold exterior. Maybe he isn’t the completely wretched human being I thought.

We’d both sworn off romance to focus on fatherhood, and nothing’s going to change that, not even sharing a too-small tent in the wilderness.


The Falcon and the Foe is an MM enemies-to-lovers romance containing hot single dads, sizzling snarky banter, pitched tent puns, skinny dipping, and an HEA. It’s the first in the Single Dads Club series, but can be read as a standalone.

L’avis d’Eric :

J’ai été attiré par le pitch et la couverture. Le fait qu’il s’agisse de pères célibataires était un plus.

Ma lecture a été simple et sans vraiment de grosses surprises. Cependant je n’en garde pas un souvenir impérissable.

Pour moi le traitement de l’histoire manquait de rythme et de rebondissements. La tension sexuelle entre les deux héros rattrape un peu le tout mais ça ne fait pas non plus des miracles. Cependant j’admet que les scènes sexuelles sont bien réalisées et donnent chaud.

J’ai trouvé que les personnages étaient mal exploités. La tension ennemy aurait pu être accentuée.

Le seul moment dramatique a été sous exploité.

En résumé une histoire sympathique mais que je ne relirais pas.

English :

I was seduce in by the pitch and the cover. The fact that they were single dad was a avantage.

My reading was easy and without really big surprises. However, I do not have an imperishable memory of it.

For me the treatment of the story lacked rhythm and twists. The sexual tension between the two heroes catches up a bit, but it doesn’t work miracles either. However, I admit that the sex scenes are well done and are hot.

I found the characters to be poorly developed. Enemy tension could have been heightened.

The only dramatic moment was underexploited.

All in all, a nice story, but one that I wouldn’t read again.

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