Dark, Général, M/M - Boy's Love - Romance Gay

Made for Master 1 : Pretty for Master de Skylar Sweeney

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Quatrième de couverture :

Can a sociopath learn to love? Master plans to find out, and his captive agrees to lend a hand. But will Pretty lend his heart, too?

They call him the Mad Master. A giant in fancy clothes with a flower on his lapel, he rules his world like a king. He’s as terrifying as he is enthralling and as cruel as he is kind.

All I’ve ever known is pain, so the way he loves to hurt me is nothing new. It’s how he holds me that makes me wonder if I could be more than a redneck biker working the street corner. Like his pretty boy?

I won’t get the chance to find out if the man trying to kill me catches up first. Or worse, Master might realize what an unlovable loser I am and not want me at all. Can a man that no one wants to love really win the heart of someone like him?

L’avis d’Eric

I am not sure of my opinion on this novel.

He promised dark and unfortunately I was left unsatisfied.
The characters are not worked enough. The author could have delved into psychology. Sometimes feelings happen without a real cause. It feels like the writer decides they must be feeling this or that at a certain moment, but the path is so dark.

I would even say that the story itself lacks depth. The plot hangs on a thread and it’s not the sexy scenes that really uplift it.

For my part, this is not a successful bet, I come away disappointed with my reading.

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