Général, M/M - Boy's Love - Romance Gay, Science-fiction

The Earl and The Executive de Kai Butler

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Quatrième de couverture :

An impoverished earl…

Tiral Oican has inherited his brother’s title, estate, and the tremendous debt his brother took out before his unexpected death. There is only one option to save the estate and all the people who are now depending on him: marry a rich heir who is willing to pay off the debt in exchange for Tiral’s title. 

Now, scholarly Tiral must transform himself into a seductive fortune hunter. The only way he can see through the mess is by hiring a tutor in love. It’s too bad that Zev is so good at his job that Tiral is falling for him.

And a rich entrepreneur…

To protect his heart, Zev Laft has spent years fooling the ton into believing he’s no more than an entertaining flirtation. He just didn’t expect the ruse to work so well that the newest penniless earl to arrive on Lus for the season would assume him a demimonde and try to hire him to be his instructor in courtship. 

Now one of richest men in the empire finds himself struggling to keep up the façade, when his own heart is being taken by a man he has no intention of marrying.

The Earl and the Executive is a slow burn stand alone 90,000 word MM Regency Romance Novel set in space with a HEA.

L’Avis d’Eric :

Je trouve que pour un premier tome, celui-ci est particulièrement convaincant, j’ai hâte de pouvoir lire le prochain qui sort en Octobre.

Un Mélange de space opéra et de régence, il n’en a pas fallu plus pour que je désire lire ce roman et je n’ai pas été déçu de ma lecture.

Ici nous avons affaire à un slow burn ce qui nous permet de mieux comprendre les personnages et les découvrir lentement, apprécier leurs différences, les savourer. Bref vous l’aurez compris ce roman se déguste lentement.

Mais ne vous y trompez pas, il y aura aussi une belle intrigue et du suspense… mais je ne vous en dis pas plus…

Vous l’aurez compris je recommande cette lecture aux amateurs du genre….

In English

I find that for a first volume, this one is particularly convincing, I can’t wait to read the next one which comes out in October.

A mixture of opera and regency space, it didn’t take more for me to want to read this novel and I was never disappointed with my conference.

Here we are dealing with a slow burn which allows us to better understand the characters and discover them slowly, appreciate their differences, savor them.

In short you will have understood this novel is to be tasted slowly. But you are not mistaken, there will also be a beautiful intrigue and suspense … but I won’t tell you more …

You will understand that I recommend this conference to fans of the genre …

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